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Paws2Help, Inc. is a small, privately-run Animal Services Charity

100% FOR THE ANIMALS- not the profit


What is a Board Member?
(a)  Who should be a Board Member?
(b)Why do Non Profit organizations need a board?
(c) A non profit organization such as ours Paws2help, does not belong to anyone, it is "owned" by the IRS.

The tax laws and regulations are much stricter than a regular business.   

The chosen board are a group of people who actually run the organization and guide it to success or extinction! In the case of us, Paws2Help, we only recently fully understood this.  20 years in the making, let's break this into quarters.  

First 5 years, rescuing a dog here, a cat there, a few volunteers spending their time and resources doing good, for a feel good feeling.  Nobody pays any attention much to a struggling start up.  A few friends filled the seats on the board

5 - 10 years, taking on a new direction, seeing a huge need for a way to provide affordable medical services, including spay & neuter.  We offered low cost vaccinations and sterilization offering services just one day a week, we learned what it needed to open a full service clinic.  Our annual income now around $500.000 a year.

Alas the large expensive prestigious CPA firm that we chose, also did not have extensive knowledge of the needs of a charity and did not guide us well, and we did not know what we needed, or were lacking in.  We were paying this company over $3000 a month in fees and felt that we were in good hands and were being given the needed advice, but sadly not, which we found out when the IRS came knocking

10 - 15 years.   We cant say the clinics grew, more like they exploded, new vets were recruited and extra staff brought in to service the growing business.  All was well it appeared and hundreds of happy customers were helped every day, 7 days a week.  Elton Gissendanner was recruited to the board.  Sitting in a very passive way, never contributing ideas or guidance or donations.

15- 20 years.   A additional clinic was opened and the West Palm Office continued to grow at an alarming rate so much so that we had to build out a new premises.  Just prior to us moving into the Forest Hill Hospital, Gissendanner starts to see the potential and wants to take over.

He wrote an e mail to us on .....  stating that myself, as founder, and Sigrid Kumpe the president, to get off the board, and he was demanding to be a signor on the bank, keys to all locations and to be made president.

He is a convicted felon served time in jail for bribery in the amount of $100,000.   So the battle continued.

In his efforts to get us to 'crumble' or give in to him he contacted every government entity and stirred up as many storms as he could.  Culminating in the Palm Beach Post picking up the story and as the media does, twisting into sensational wrong doing.    We admit we made mistakes along with our growing pains but our good intentions will always be 100% for the animals.

The good news now is that we have been looking for a way to "escape" the board and it looks like this will now happen with a new board, a continued jest and further expansions.

Paws2help has survived many storms and set backs, this one will take us to a much higher plane

Please feel free to discuss any of this with me personally by sending your comments and suggestions to me at evehelps@yahoo.com

A  a board member should have the ..

B  a board member 

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