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Paws2Help, Inc. is a small, privately-run Animal Services Charity


Q. How is Paws2Help able to offer services at a much lower cost than a conventional Veterinarian?
A. We are a Humane Society and choose not to exist for profit. Being a 501(C)3 charity, we are able to accept donations and apply for grants. This ensures that we are able to cover our costs. Also we run a very tight ship, every member of staff has to multi-task.

Q. Who are we?
A. A privately run animal charity, we receive no government funding or outside assistance. A one of a kind clinic providing very affordable veterinary care.

Q. Does Paws2Help have any limitations compared to a typical Veterinarian?
A. Yes. Limitations may include a lesser degree of customer service, due to having mininal staff, and the volume of patients that we see each day. We do have modern up to date equipment and are adding to it constantly. We have state of the art equipment such as in house Blood Analysis and Digital X-ray machine, K-Laser therapy, and Ultrasound.

Q. How you can help us?
A. Be patient when we are running ragged and on overload, we are not perfect, but we are the only clinic in South Florida, providing such a service.
Please do not ask for credit, we just cannot extend it.
Take your pet off the extending leash, and hold on one of our slip leads. We have had some bizarre incidents with these leashes. No cat carrier?, bring kitty in, in a pillow case, tied at the top, or strong cardboard box It is dangerous to transport kitty in a dog crate, if the tray slips kitty is out the bottom and gone

Q. How do I know that my pet is getting great medical care?.
A. All of our veterinarians are licensed, experienced and caring, for example, if we run blood work for you. The results of the read out would be the same anywhere, only the price is lower to be in keeping with our non profit prices. Our equipment is computer linked to board certified specialists if you require another opinion.

Q. How do I know that you are using genuine medications and vaccinations?.
A. We are licensed by the state board, and inspected. All drugs and meds are shipped from the same suppliers that ship to all veterinarians.

Q. If I make an appointment, will I be seen on time?
A, Appointments are seen more promptly than walk in’s, However due to sometimes unseen circumstances, such as emergencies or very sick patients, delays can happen. Sometimes there could be a delay of several hours on exceptionally busy days.

Q. You advertise that you close at 5.30 what happens if clinic is running late?.
A. Unlike other clinics, we do not close the door by a certain time, the doctors and staff stay till the last patient is taken care of. If a life and death situation arrives at our door, we will help, however we will ask late walk ins for non threatening situations to come back the following day.

Q. I need surgery for my pet but cannot drop off or pick up at the stated times!
A Our low prices mean that we have to work to a rigid time schedule. we cannot vary our drop off and pick up times, a regular veterinarian has more flexibility and staff to accommodate such variances.

Q. Can I set up payment plans with you?

A. Unfortunately we cannot, we have to be careful to cover our costs each day. As we do not make a profit, there is zero funds to roll over, therefore all charges are due on each visit.

Q. Does low cost mean inferior care?
A. NOT AT ALL. Come judge for yourself, or ask 1000’s of satisfied customers!! Our doctors are very experiences and dedicated, we have state of the art diagnostic equipment and the skills in house, to interprete the results. The saying that practice makes perfect is so true, our doctors see more patients, from simple tummy upsets to extensive orthopedic surgeries gives our doctors by volume, on a daily basis, years of experience beyond the normal learning curve. Based on volume alone, and from the diverse number of different cases seen every day, they are true experts in their field.

Q. How are we Funded?

A. Basically by volume, if we saw less clients than we do, we would not be able to cover our overhead. Our fees are so low that we need to be busy to cover costs. We are not a free clinic, all expenses have to be covered for Paws2Help to stay in business. We also sometimes receive grants and accept donations.

Q. Why we cannot extend credit/payment plans
We have no profit margin built in, we have no roll over money, basically existing month to month. If 10 people a day did not pay, we would not be able to pay our rent next month.
We have a January to May, 2013 file exceeding $7,000 in unpaid amounts, All were “guaranteed” promises to pay. Unfortunately we cannot afford to listen to any more guarantees to pay. Please understand.

If your pet is sick or suffering
It would be inhumane to not get it medical help. The sum of $21 will get you a diagnosis with the doctor, we will help where we can, from donations, if available. Unfortunately people are donating less and less, but occasionally we do still get a small monetary donation.
We also have two sympathetic supporters, who we can call, and explain the situation, they may agree to contribute towards medications, allowing the owner to pay back. Often times, a call to a friend or work colleague explaining the urgent need, they will help out till next pay day.

Q. How do we stay afloat?
By being busy, we see on average 100+ clients each day, many with multiple pets. Occasionally we do get a donation in, and in the past have secured grants. We are also very frugal, and have very little daily waste. The staff really believe in our cause and go over and above to perform their duties in cost effective ways.

Q. What is Our biggest expense?
PAYROLL, top of the list and highest paid are our Doctors, next the technicians, then desk staff (which includes directors and officers) We have no highly paid executive staff, nor expensive company cars for management. All monies go to the care of the animals.

Q. How do we differ to regular clinics?
We are 100% for the animals, not the profit. Appointment wait times can exceed the time that was planned, as we cannot know in advance how many very sick animals will arrive at same time.
Running blood work, taking xray’s and other tests can be very time consuming and throws out the best planned calendar, plus we will always take in a life threatening emergency. Other clinics for the most part, are able to control their appointment calendar better than we can.

Q. Does paying less mean a cut in quality & expertise?
Absolutely not. We purchase our medications from the only veterinary sources available, same as all other clinics. We have state of the art analysing equipment. Digital Xray, Ultrasound, K laser therapy, and Stem Cell treatments. An extensive range of orthopedic equipment, coupled with a very skilled surgeon means that we can assist with the most difficult of surgeries. Due to the high volume of patients that our doctors see daily, they are treating and studying a vast range of ailments every day. Further education and course are important to them to ensure that they stay ahead of changes and procedures.

Q. Where do we need to focus?

We sadly lack fundraising events, there is just not enough time to plan, organize, and hold events. Many organizations pay fundraisers, event organizers, and even development managers.
The going rate for such a position is in the region of $70,000/$90,000 pa. and upwards. We do not have the money to speculate on this, so it leaves us in situation where we are missing out on possible sources of financial support. There is only so many hours in a week, and clinic captures 90+ of those hours.

Ooppss.. Did I really just hear that???

….. “I would never have come here if I knew I had to pay, I thought everything was free”
….. “I would buy preventives because it is cheaper, but do not want to be a client and wait in line”
….. “What do you mean there is no doctor there now, it is just 8pm”
….. “If I have to pay, I will go to a “real” vet.”
….. “Can I be sure that the doctors are licensed”
….. “Has the doctor performed this type of surgery before?”

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